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Presentation Packaging has food transportation all stacked up


CATERERS starving for a reliable and safe way to transport and store food can now feast on a revolutionary range of cater trays from Presentation Packaging.


The innovative new trays feature a unique drawer-style insert and cover to ensure food placed in the tray is easily accessible and protected.


The stackable trays have a reliable locking system to keep the drawers in place and secure especially during transportation.


Presentation Packaging Marketing Director Ms Samantha Lewers said the reusable trays were another product designed to offer convenient and innovative storage solutions to caterers.


“We know caterers go to a lot of effort to prepare and present their food so we wanted to create a reliable storage system that ensures their pre-prepared creations look as appetising once served as they did prior to being stored,” she said.


Made from heavy-duty recyclable cardboard the environmentally conscious trays are light enough to be easily carried and can be folded down for easing storage and cleaning purposes.


“The other benefit of the cater trays is they can be reused a number of times making them a very economical solution for storing and transporting food. 


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